Good-Bye Fresh

Many evenings after work, I’m too exhausted to manage anything more than a bowl of porridge for dinner.

Since a girl can only eat so much gruel, I decided to try a meal delivery service.  For a reasonable price, fresh pre-portioned ingredients and “simple” recipes are delivered to your door.  I went with Hello Fresh because I snagged a 55% off coupon when I ordered my new handbag from Hudson’s Bay.

Our box contained the fixings for three vegetarian meals:  marinated eggplant in tomato sauce, masala chickpea wraps and veggie quinoa-stuffed peppers.

My Boy and I decided to try the eggplant dish first as it looked like the simplest option of the bunch.  An hour (and a couple of glasses of wine) later, we had used every pan in the kitchen and discovered that neither of us love eggplant.

I had an after school appointment the next day, so I asked my Boy to start dinner on his own.  I got home 45 minutes after he’d started prepping, expecting dinner to be on the table.  He was only part way through step 1 of the recipe.   My Boy, who doesn’t like wine, had a glass with me that night!

Since our cooking skills aren’t up to the level of the average Hello Fresh customer, I had to say Good-Bye Fresh.

Hopefully, Walmart will have a sale on oatmeal soon.

Hello Fresh provided a discount code for my friends.  If you decide to say Hello Fresh (and you’re more cheffy than me), use the code Nanette1 to save $40 off your first order. 

12 thoughts on “Good-Bye Fresh

      1. I like liver, but squid is what I always order if it’s on the menu when I dine out (which is about once a year). A hotdog is fine only on a cold winter’s day if you’re outside watching a game of football. Ooops! I forgot you got snow!

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