Where the Water is Green…

Sometimes things don’t go quite as planned…

M and I enjoyed a night out on the town.

First stop was a drink and nibbles at Townsite Brewing.  I don’t drink beer (yet I love brew pubs–figure that out!)  Townsite has cider on tap, so I opted for a big glass of the apply stuff.  Needing to clear my head afterwards, I went for a mint sparkling water.  It was…not what I expected.  Bright green and more minty fresh than my toothpaste, I couldn’t finish it.

Next, we went to the Old Court House Inn for a wine and paint night.  I’ve seen the results of these semi-regular events on Facebook–happy, well-wined people proudly holding landscapes, seascapes, florals…  Each paint night has a different theme.  Ours was an SPCA fundraiser.  Great, I thought, let’s help the animals!  Our project was a violent purple sunset featuring some type of creature in silhouette.  Although a group photo was taken, I’ve yet to see it posted to Facebook.

But sometimes things do go the way they’re supposed to…

As usual, M and I morphed back into our giggly teenage selves.  (How is this possible?)  Even though we’re dealing with full on adult issues, the load seemed a little lighter when I could share it with M.

…and of course there were some stories, best not shared on the interwebs.  (What happens at Townsite Brewing stays at Townsite Brewing.)


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