Fifty Shades…


Now that I’ve bought a little old house, the real fun begins.

First on the lengthy to-do list:  painting.

I decided to go simple, classic and basic.  In other words, I wanted to paint the entire main floor white.

Easy peasy, right?


I found myself up to my elbows in paint chips and friendly suggestions.

Lemon chiffon, prairie dust, cloud, rose tint, blizzard, polar bear…

There are way more than fifty shades of white, but no one is rushing to make an adult film about this experience.

11 thoughts on “Fifty Shades…

  1. Oh I don’t know, I can see a scene that opens with just a drop cloth on the floor and furniture, perhaps a shadow of a ladder in the background. Suddenly there’s the sound of low moaning from an adjacent room. A physical encounter or merely someone trying to open a can of paint without a screwdriver?

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