The Bathing Beauty


I recently supported a friend though one of the most harrowing experiences women face…I went bathing suit shopping with her.

Even though she’s slim, trim and attractive (and every suit looked great on her), she had nothing but negative comments to make about her body.

It made me wonder why we’re so self-critical.

I resolved to appreciate my body for all the wonderful things it can do, rather than to focus on my trouble spots.

Newly confident, I got rid of my tired old one-piece (I always feel like a lady wrestler when I wear it), and bought myself a stylish tankini.

Beach and poolside, here I come!

I snapped a photo in the fitting room but there’s no way in hell I’m sharing it!

8 thoughts on “The Bathing Beauty

  1. We have a fridge magnet here at work that goes ‘There will always be someone who can’t see your worth, don’t let it be you.’ We need to boost our own self confidence and stop comparing ourselves to others. You have a lovely figure, so glad you’ve come to see that.

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  2. So you’re willing to let a myriad of people see you in 3D in your new tankini on the beach, but not your blogging friends? 😉 C’mon! I want to see your new tankini! 🙂

    I always criticized my legs until one day I appreciated having legs! 🙂


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