So Close…


Working with children is not for the faint of heart.

Although kids are cute and they’re our future, yadda yadda yadda; they’re disease-ridden little people who sneeze and cough without covering their noses.  Shudder!

I get something every year–bronchitis, laryngitis, H1N1, pink eye, whooping cough…

It’s like a grab bag of misery–I never know what I’m going to get…

But this year was different!  I made it through the sick months (November to February) without catching anything!

I did a little happy dance and gave my immune system a virtual pat on the back.

Then I woke up one morning and my throat felt like I’d swallowed a couple of steak knives.

Yep–it’s strep throat…in April.

I came so close this year.


4 thoughts on “So Close…

  1. Pretty sure that’s why dear daddy chose to work with teenagers, while they had their own issues, they seldom coughed without covering their mouths, he retired with the school district/union owing several thousand sick hours he never needed to use. Take care of yourself.

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