International Women’s Day


Today would’ve been my mom’s 88th birthday.  She was only 59 when she died, so it’s hard to picture her as an old woman.

I think it’s fitting her birthday is International Women’s Day.

As well as a devoted mother, she was a strong and vibrant woman who overcame many challenges with courage and grace.

I’ve been told I look like her.  I consider that a complement.

More importantly, I strive to be like her.  Her example of womanhood still inspires me.

This International Women’s Day, I recall my wonderful mom, but I also hope for a future where every woman lives in peace and safety and is able to reach her potential.



She Does Drink…


I’m visiting O and C, friends on Vancouver Island.  Even though this trip will necessitate two ferry rides, with a long wait at the terminal between, I couldn’t be happier.

I went shopping for little hostess gifts.  O is getting my go-to gift–wine.

C required a little more effort.  I finally settled on a pretty teal scarf and a bath bomb from Blue Magnolia, one of my favourite stores in Sechelt.  As I was paying, I shared the reason for my purchase.

“This is a gift for a friend I’m visiting.  She doesn’t drink wine.”

The shop assistant gasped.  “She doesn’t drink wine???”

“Oh, it’s okay,” I said, rushing to C’s defense.  “She does drink.  Just not wine.”

This begs the question, why did I feel compelled to reassure a stranger that my friends do indeed drink?



Hey There–You With the Stars in Your Eyes!

Every morning I tell myself something good is going to happen.

(I admit, I’m hoping for something really good like a lottery win or news the divorce is finally final.)

Today I went to the beach.  It was littered with starfish patiently waiting for the tide to come in.  There were so many, I had to watch my step.

There were different types, colours, sizes…  It was a briny galaxy.

I realized this was my good thing for the day, and it was enough.