Thrifted Then Gifted


With my new found love of thrift stores, I suppose it had to happen:  I’m giving someone a thrifted gift–gasp!

The back story is that I’ll be on the road again soon.  Chihuahua girl and I are going to visit N in Powell River.  Since she doesn’t drink, wine is out of the question.

I found a cute vintage-y three cornered plate with a fun map of what I hope is Denmark at the Hospital Auxiliary Shop.  (N is proud of her Danish heritage.)

She’s getting some luscious Avalon Organics shower gel, too, and I’ll pick up some nice chocolate.  (Can’t get that too early or I’ll just eat it myself!)

What’s the verdict–is it okay to give someone a thrifted gift?

22 thoughts on “Thrifted Then Gifted

  1. Absolutely. It’s not the cost of a gift. It’s the THOUGHT! And the gift you bought is extremely thoughtful. One of my best friends just sent me a most unusual birthday present. She’s moving and downsizing big time (and she lives on the other side of the country). I received a big heavy box. I opened it and gasped. All of her (not expensive and well-used) glass-etched plates that we’ve eaten on, together, over many many years. I cherish this gift, which is even more thrift than from the thrift shop. But even more meaningful. xo

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    1. What a lovely gift from your friend. All those precious memories of shared meals! N loved the little Danish plate. Turns out it’s part of a set (each with a map of a different area of Denmark.) She already had the one featuring the place her father came from. By sheer luck, the one I found has the area her mother’s from.

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  2. Yes! It is fabulous to give someone a meaningful gift, regardless of the source. [Well… unless you accidently re-gift to someone what they gave you last Christmas (cough, cough)…Would someone, upon receiving the English crown jewels say, “Eewh! These are used!?!”

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    1. I want to know how the re-gifting episode ended! Did you try to bluff your way out of it? (“I loved this so much when you gave it to me that I went and got you the same thing!”) Or did you ‘fess up?


      1. Well, I am rather infamous in my family for my minimalism and am a known re-gifter, so there was no bluffing my way through. I just said, “Ooops!” and “I’m sorry.” I’m sure it is a story they will tell at my funeral—you know, she was such a character….I remember when….

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  3. If it’s something you know the person will like, then it’s perfectly fine! Thrift shops have things you won’t necessarily find in a ‘new’ shop. 🙂


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