Over Sharing?


M came to visit for a belated birthday celebration.

We enjoyed wine, giggles and a raucous pub crawl that included every pub in town.  (Not quite as impressive as it sounds when you realize there are only two pubs in Sechelt!)

It was all good except that every time I started to tell an amusing anecdote I’d get well into my story and then realize…it was in the blog.

M follows the blog so she’s heard everything already.

Since M’s a trooper (and a supportive friend), each time I stopped mid-anecdote and said, “Oh, that was in the blog,” she encouraged me to keep telling it anyway.

Clearly I need to have more madcap adventures so I have something to talk about besides my Chihuahua.

13 thoughts on “Over Sharing?

  1. Sometimes what we post in our blog is just a small part of the greater thought process. Your friend M probably understands that and wanted you to expand on the theme! I’m sure that the two of you had a good time, but surely there are more than 2 pubs in Sechelt! Have a good day Grey.

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  2. My mum has been telling me the same [lame?] stories for years. Every now and then she adds details she has not before…or tells a story never before told. “What?” she says. “I know I told you about that…” “No, mum, never.” So–keep telling the (same) stories–sometimes the details get changed/embellished and the audience is again enthralled.

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