I went to Vancouver and enjoyed a glorious day downtown!

I’ve spent so long living in small towns that it was exhilarating to visit my old stomping grounds.  (As a UBC student, I went downtown all the time.)

Things have changed since my student days, but one thing remains the same–Vancouver’s a relatively safe city.  Lucky for me because I wandered around like a yokel, jaw hanging open, snapping photos of all the tall buildings.  (I even took a picture of my lunch–a delicious chopped salad at the Hotel Vancouver.)  I might as well have worn a sign identifying myself as a stranger from the sticks…and no one bothered me!

For the first time ever, I miss big city life.

Chicken Legs and Vino!

I wanted wine glasses.

The ones at the cottage are mismatched and ugly.

First stop:  my new favorite shop, the Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Store.

They had shelves of ugly wine glasses…

…and I then I discovered four of the most beautiful, leggy wine glasses ever made!

I scooped them up before anyone else could.  At $0.50/a glass, how could I resist?

Back at the cottage, I noticed a word etched on the base of each:  Spiegelau.

My internet sleuthing skills revealed these glasses are still available, and they sell for…wait for it…$80 to $90 for four!

I felt pretty good about my shopping coupe until my Spidey senses started tingling.  Why would someone donate expensive German wine glasses?

Then it came to me!

Obviously one was used as a murder weapon, and the perp donated them to dispose of the evidence.  (Think about it–a wine glass filled with rat poison-laced Chardonnay would make a nasty–and lethal–weapon!)

I just hope the one I’ve been using wasn’t the weapon.  That would be creepy.

…And the Chihuahua legs?  They’re just so cute I couldn’t resist including them!