Black Mirror


I discovered Black Mirror on Netflix.

Black Mirror is set sometime in the future.  It’s similar to The Twilight Zone in that each episode is like a short, stand alone movie with new characters and a unique story line.

Most episodes are above average to exceptional.  Some are disturbing, some exciting and some deeply moving.  Some, like “San Junipero” are worth a second viewing.

The far out technology acts like a character, driving many of the plots.

But, for me, the best thing about Black Mirror is…a lead character named Nanette!

Nanette Cole in “USS Callister” is smart, brave and gorgeous.  She’s the hero of the episode, using her keen mind and guts to save the day.

Nanette Cole is a sorely needed addition to a world crying out for more Nanette.


How to Annoy your Laptop


Step one:  Put the wrong end of the phone charger into your computer when uploading photos from your iPhone.

The results are both immediate and impressive.  (Don’t believe me–give it a try.  I double dog dare you!)

Even though I removed the offending appendage within seconds, my computer went into a crazed digital zone, with groovy lines, multi colours and a complete disregard for any of the buttons I pressed.

Quick thinking on my part saved the day:  I turned it over and ripped out its heart.  (For those not into computer lingo like me, the heart of a laptop is its battery.)

After gently re-installing its acidic heart, it sulkily came back to life.

If there’s a moral to this story, I suppose it’s that laptops don’t like to be poked with unfamiliar attachments.

You Say You Want a Resolution…



Resolutions:  Things I’d like to do, but probably won’t.

Start writing again.  I’ve actually written two novels.  They’re rubbish, but after decades of abandoned projects, I’m proud that I completed them.  I’d like to get back to a daily writing routine in the hopes that practice makes perfect and writing regularly will lead to improvement.

Be positive and stop worrying.  This is a tough one for me.  Intellectually I understand that life would be much more pleasant if I could look on the bright side, but this is easier said than done.  While I work on this resolution, I have wine, chocolate and a Chihuahua to help me through the rough patches.

Stop shopping for a year.  I’ve read about people who managed this–really!  Realistically, I don’t need clothes, shoes or handbags.  I have more than enough, and only wear a fraction of my wardrobe as it is.  Personal care items like shampoo or moisturizer are allowed, as are books.  Since this is my resolution, I’m going to say that underwear/lingerie is also allowed because it would be pretty grim to run out of unmentionables.

What are your resolutions?