Oh, BC Hydro–Why Must You be so Vexatious?

001I’m a rule follower.

I don’t wear white after Labour Day; I don’t go swimming until two hours after I’ve eaten; and I never peak at my presents before Christmas morning.

Okay–I do peak at presents, but for the most part–I’m a rule follower.

When I get a bill, I pay it…before it’s due.

So when I got my final BC Hydro bill for $130.23 back in September, I didn’t even open the message.  I just went to the bank the next day to pay it.

Shortly after that I started receiving strongly worded emails from BC Hydro.  They wanted their $130.23  They mentioned a Collections Agency if I didn’t pay them ASAP.  Ack!!!

Attempting to clear up this misunderstanding by replying to the email, I learned that while BC Hydro is able to send threatening emails to their customers, they don’t read responses.

Contacting them via their 1-800 number resulted in frustration–over fifteen minutes on hold before my call was dropped.  A letter to their head office went unanswered.

After yet another, even meaner email, I set aside a couple of hours to call BC Hydro.

So–it turns out they hadn’t credited my account for the last TWO bills I paid, even though they have a record of both payments.  Since they’d rolled the penultimate bill into the final one, I paid it twice and they owe me $113.74.  (See–send me a bill, and I’ll pay it, even if I’ve already paid it.  I’m a utility company’s dream!)

I hope I receive my refund cheque from BC Hydro soon.  I’d hate to have to alert a Collections Agency.

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