2nd Hand Rose

011I’ve mentioned my new-found love of second-hand and consignment stores.

Some of the “bargains” I picked up have already been donated back (dated black leather blazer with the contrasting stitching, I’m talking about you!)  Others, have become well-loved and often-used staples in my life.

These are my top second hand items:

I bought a used blanket.  (Don’t judge!)  When I saw it in a décor consignment shop, I was won over by its soft mint colour and the tag that says–wait for it– “Made in Canada.”  (It’s so cute–it has an elk on it!)  Even though the blanket factory likely closed a generation ago, it feels good to buy domestic products.

I wear used shoes.  (Again, don’t judge me until you walk a mile in my shoes–which you may have done if you owned these shoes before me!)  I promise, these ballet flats looked new when I bought them.

Used jewelry is way cheap!  I’m the kind of girl who can’t be bothered fussing with jewelry.  I like pieces I can put on and forget.  This usually means fine jewelry, which can stand up to showers, shampoo and puppy cuddles.  Since my Sailor was sadly deficient in the family jewels department, I had to acquire my own collection.

The diamond studs are from a well-known vintage jewelry store in Victoria, so I’m confident they’re genuine.  The ring, which came from the SPCA Thrift Shop, may or may not have genuine stones, but it’s 10K and the centre “sapphire” is a gorgeous denim blue that makes me smile.

Do you do second hand, or does the thought of used stuff make you squeal?




11 thoughts on “2nd Hand Rose

  1. I often buy from charity shops. I don’t have much patience with shopping and there’s a Barnado’s shop just around the corner from the place where I zumba so I often pop in. They have good cards and I’ve bought a few tops from there. And if I go to Newcastle there are a good couple of Cancer research shops. Every little helps. 🙂 🙂

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  2. I recently downsized (hugely) and became a star for one week at a local charity shop — I think they were stunned that I was donating usable and sometimes even nice-looking things! I suppose that might answer Andrew’s question above — people reach a point where they need to downsize and they get tired of the selling.

    Also, regarding blankets, I love retro blankets. Nothing is better at making a room seem cosy than an old-style wool blanket laid on an armchair or couch. Modern fleece doesn’t cut it!

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    1. I recently donated a bunch of the Sailor’s stuff that somehow ended up in my basement. It felt so good! 🙂

      Now the nights are super cold and damp, the dog and I spend most of our time cuddled up under our vintage chic wool blanket. You’re right–it has a weight and cosiness that fleece can’t match.


  3. I’m not into second-hand stuff, but I do have a cap that was made in Poland and came to me after he died. I met him the first time at his 90th birthday party. He has the best stories to tell, captured by the Germans in WWII and escaped. He had many more stories, that I enjoyed hearing. Later in the evening, he told me I was going to make it too (i.e., 90). At his wake, his son gave me one of his caps. I wear it every so often, good karma.

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    1. I love the story of your friend’s cap. His story is similar to my dad’s, except my dad never escaped from the Germans. He remained in the POW camp until he was liberated by the Americans at the end of the war. Wear your friend’s cap in good health. I agree about the good karma it likely brings.

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