Cleanliness is Next to…Impossible?

006I’ve started wearing clothing like jeans, sweaters and leggings more than once before washing.

I might brag I’m doing it to prolong the life of my clothes, which really don’t get that dirty after one wearing.

I could say I’m doing it because I care about Mother Earth and the environmental impact caused by too-frequent laundering.

Or…I could be honest and admit I hate going to the Laundromat so much that my standards are slipping.

The last time I went, an elderly lady paused next to me as she wheeled a cartload of laundry by.

“I’m on a well,” she whispered.


“I’m only here because it was such a dry summer.  The well’s so low I have to conserve water.”

I nodded as she waited for me to explain why I was using a public washing machine.

“I’m here because I married a man who wracked up debt with a secret internet shopping habit, and my life is topsy turvy while I struggle to extricate myself from his financial mess.”


“It was a dry summer,” I agreed.


My Dirty Little Shopping Secret–shh!

010I’m far from being a fashionista.  (I can’t co-ordinate/accessorize and I gave up on heels ages ago.)  However, I still strive to avoid that classic combination of matronly and dumpy.

Sometimes I get complements on my wardrobe, so I think I’m on the right track.

Here’s the thing–I actually buy a lot of my clothes at a shop that caters to men’s industrial wear and older women’s leisure wear.  (Now there’s a classic combination if ever there was one!)

I’ve never admitted shopping there.  Heck–I don’t even like to be seen carrying their shopping bags.


I needed some long-delayed retail-therapy, and they were having an amazing sale–almost everything 25% off, combined with a further 20% off EVERYTHING.  Woo hoo!

Interested in learning my secret?  It’s Mark’s Work Warehouse.

In addition to their own brand, they carry a range in collaboration with designer Alfred Sung, which I assume he knows about.

So there you have it–my dirty little secret.

What’s yours?



Oktoberfest in Septemberfest!

Saturday was Oktoberfest in Sechelt.

In the interest of being social, I volunteered to man the raffle ticket booth for a couple of hours.

D turned up to experience the Teutonic high-jinks, and ended up meeting numerous people and getting herself invited to several house parties.

I sold some raffle tickets…and that’s about it.