So I got home from work after one those days…

We had gusting winds, torrential rains and a power outage because a tree somewhere fell on something electrical somewhere else.

The power outage meant no internet–I guess they’re like some old married couple who show up together or not at all.  I did as much as I could, but with a day of meetings to prepare for, and everything I need on the Ministry of Ed’s website, I saw my to do list growing longer and longer.

On the bright side, every teacher had a shiny new name sign on her classroom door–surprise!  They’re really nice…too bad my name’s spelled incorrectly.

Driving home, dodging all the downed branches still littering the highway, all I wanted was my cozy pajamas and wine (big wine) with a Netflix chaser.

I pulled into the lot outside the cottage, narrowly avoiding a big blue Conservation Officer Service truck on its way out.

It took me a minute to register what I’d parked beside…

Friends, the word of the day is yikes.



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