They’re Back!

020Fruitcakes have arrived!

(And not a moment too soon–after all it’s only nine weeks to Christmas.)

I have to admire the optimism of grocers who continue to stock this unpopular item, year after year.  Other than my Welsh mother, who died almost thirty years ago, I can’t think of anyone who eats these leaden blocks of dried fruit, flour and fat.

I’m partial to the thick marzipan layer on top, but that’s as far into fruitcake territory as I’m prepared to venture.

My mom, who was a truly loving and generous parent, used to cut off the marzipan and give it to me EVERYTIME she “enjoyed” a slice of fruitcake.  It’s not that she didn’t like marzipan herself.  (Who doesn’t???)  She shared the best part of her fruitcake with me because she loved me.

Seeing that fruitcake display brought back such fond recollections of being cherished that I almost bought one so I could take the feeling home with me.

Maybe those grocers are smarter than I thought.  They’re not selling fruitcake.  They’re selling memories.

11 thoughts on “They’re Back!

      1. You’re welcome. And thank you, but I’m only a trained product who still has much to learn. I’m reminded of WordPress five years ago when they were young writers with natural talent who sadly gave up blogging and vanished.

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  1. I have a confession to make, I like fruitcake. All of it, I like the dark ones especially (mostly because they have a better chance of having some moisture left in them). My grandma made a fruitcake for my wedding, a lot of work and rum involved there. As your dear mother shared with you, my grandma went to a lot of work for me because she loved me. I know all the horror stories about fruitcake, but when Christmas nears, the very bones of me get excited because they know, it’s time!!!

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    1. Funnily enough, I recall a few rum-soaked fruitcakes at my wedding, too! 🙂

      What a wonderful memory of your devoted grandma making a fruitcake for your wedding. I guess they can’t be all bad if they make us think of loved ones long passed.

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    1. How can you not like marzipan??? It, along with Chardonnay from a box and natchos, are nature’s most perfect foods!

      I bet you have nice memories of your mom’s homemade fruitcake, though. Do you make your own fruitcake now, or buy it?

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