Who’s the Witchy Woman here?

Staff at my new school do themed Halloween costumes.

This year they’re doing The Wizard of Oz.  Everyone, repeat everyone, must choose a character.

A fun idea?–perhaps.

Will the kids like it?–maybe.

A pain in the ass for someone who bought a costume back in September?–definitely!

I thought I was being clever by avoiding the annual Halloween “what am I going to wear” panic when I purchased my lovely, handmade Victorian-style gown last month.

I should’ve remembered planning ahead never works.

Grumbling to myself about the money wasted on the first costume, I signed up for a character–the Wicked Witch.

I thought I was being ironic because, well, I don’t think I’m really wicked or witchy…

…then someone said, “Wow–your hair is perfect for the Wicked Witch!”

Yep–I can’t wait to see how Christmas goes down at the new school.020


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