A Marsh March

Walking relaxes me and clears my head.  It’s healthier and more socially acceptable than my other coping technique–wine.

Thankfully, my new town on the Sunshine Coast (how can you not smile when you hear that name?) is filled with gorgeous spots to wander.

The dog and I discovered a peaceful duck-filled marsh practically on our doorstep.

Normally I like my walks to end at Starbucks, but I’m feeling a marsh-ian vibe these days.  Watching those gangly frizzy-feathered ducklings trooping past almost makes me forget the first sip of a piping hot nonfat latte.

What do you do when it all gets to be too much?


4 thoughts on “A Marsh March

  1. I wrote a journal, blogging was not madsive ten years ago, and. My journal was raw, and mad, but it took me through. I had np y husband back, but it nearly killed me doing it, and I wouldn’t, couldn’t do it again.

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    1. I started a journal last spring. When I started I was positive and fun, with bright colours and pretty pictures. That lasted about two pages, then the sailor’s betrayal and the divorce process took over my writing–not so pretty, that’s for sure.


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